Favorite single cup coffee makers of 2019

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Coffee is one of the people’s favorite pastimes. We drink it in the morning to give us a kick start, it is a fantastic social lubricant, and we drink it at night to keep us going. The chances are you are reading this piece or article with a cup of coffee in your hands. But when it comes to brewing coffee, there is more than one way to do it. Technology has made many advancements in all fields. Coffee brewers make no exception.

single cup coffee makers

The number of models on the market is huge. Manufacturers have made real efforts to satisfy every client’s needs when it comes to coffee. Their primary concern was, and still is, convenience. The goal is to make a coffee brewer that makes the best coffee in the most convenient way possible. Here are two models that have won the people’s choice award in 2016.

The single cup coffee maker

The single cup coffee makers have revolutionized the way people think about coffee brewers. Before their existence, the most popular was the coffee machine. It was good, it made a lot of coffee, but people wanted something fresher. The coffee pot would stay in the machine for hours, and the coffee had a funny taste after a while. So why not make a coffee machine that gives you fresh taste in every cup?

This model is an espresso machine on a smaller scale. However, it uses pods instead of ground coffee. These pods come in different flavors, which is very popular with consumers. You can have black coffee, milk based coffee, and even tea. All you have to do is put water in the container, put the pod in, and push the button. You will enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in a minute or so.

A word of advice, if you are aiming to get the best single cup coffee maker on the market, go for an intellibrew one. That way you will not have to decide how much water you have to put in your coffee. The machine will know when to stop, either by reading a barcode on the pod or by a preset quantity of water you decide at the beginning of the brewing.

This year’s people’s choice is Keurig coffee makers. They make sturdy, efficient machines that will brew you the perfect taste. Also, after doing a little research, it seems that the Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System is the best Keurig coffee maker.

single cup coffee makers

The cold brew coffee maker

Maybe it is not as convenient as the single cup coffee maker, but the cold brew coffee machine makes the best ice coffee you can possibly drink. You probably know what happens when you brew hot coffee and then put ice in it. It will become diluted which will weaken the taste of the beverage.

The cold brewed coffee is the exact opposite. You add ground coffee, water, and let it sit for 8 to 24 hours. The machine will brew a highly concentrated drink. As a result, when you add ice, water, or milk, you will have a delicious beverage.

There are a lot of models on the market. My advice is that you should do a little research before finding the best cold brew coffee maker that suits your needs. – Shamokal review

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